i've done my (Masters) thesis using Rasch.. if u're having problem with ur research, Rasch is the easier method to do analysis compared SPSS
- Rosmah Hazrol; M.Sc (Facility Mgmt. [UiTM]), QS, JKR
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bila baca nota (on measurement) yang En Said masukkan dlm FB, ini saya tahu you can teach (Malaysian Examination Council) MEC officer as good as Prof Bond and Prof Linacre.
- Ruhaibah Hassan, Ph.D Candidate (USM) MEC Officer
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Sharifah Aliman likes the explanation of 'The Logit Ruler'
- Ph.D Candidate (UiTM) Information Technology
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The most difficult part of doing a survey is NOT the initial development of questionnaire items, nor distributing and inputting data, nor the analysis.... BUT making sure your questionnaire items are measuring what they are supposedly to measure... This is where Rasch could assist you...
- Zali Mohd, Ph.D Candidate (UPM), System Analyst in a Shipping company
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I used Rasch analysis in my PhD. Rasch made my dream to measure human attitude in education, possible. No other tool yet, except Rasch!
- Mohd Nor Mamat, Ph.D (Education) [UiTM]
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