Data Analysis Services

Our experts has over a combined  12 years of rich experience providing undergraduates and postgraduates candidates with Rasch data analysis consulting services. Rasch Analysis is superior in handling ordinal data as compared to Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory. It substantiate Mokken Model best. Rasch Model predictive power allows a reliable analysis based on small sample unit of only 25 respondents.

Our Rasch data analysis services easily clarify of your research questions and objectives supported by appropriate statistical tests. We also make reference to literature reviews cited from ISI Thompson, Scopus or Springer Verlag indexed refereed journals. An organised tabulations of detailed Rasch analysis on your data will be prepared with personalised explanation from the data entry to making sense and meaningful interpretation of the data. We will also identify the instrument reliability in measuring what are you supposedly to measure hence assuring the validity of your data. Most important we will ascertain the validity of your rating  scale and the sub-scale measurement construct.

Data Analysis Services Offered
A. Consultation :RM 300/- per session, about 2-3hours.
  • Consultation from instrument construct until data analysis using Winsteps/Bon&Fox Steps
  • unlimited on line support. 
  • Monthly rate available for a minimum period of six months; discount 15%
  • A maximum of three(3) pax is permitted to share the session .
B. Rasch Analysis Tutorial (1 day): 
  • (1 day) : RM150/- per pax per day with minimum of 12 people
  • (2 dasy): RM250/- per pax per day with minimum of 12 people
  • Books available:  (a) Structure of Rasch Measurement Model; Azrilah, A. [RM40.00] and (b) Applying the Rasch Model: Fundamental Measurement in Human Science; Bond, T. [RM135.00)
  • inclusive of FREE SOFTWARE for Rasch Analysis.
C. Data Analysis: RM900/- for data not exceeding 60 respondents; RM1500 for data up to 150 respondents. Production of measure tables, Variable Map; sorted WASSPIM, Principle Component Analysis (PCA), and maximum 3 post-analysis meetings.
  • Unlimited on line support
D. Thesis Content review; 
  • up to 250 pages (  RM1,800/- )
  • exceeding 251 pages ( RM2,500/- )
E. Report writing: Conference Papers, Journal Entries, Questionnaire
  • up to 6 - 10 pages ( RM1200/-)
  • extended paper; not more than 20 pages ( RM600 )
Please email us at for other consultation fees.